Inspection, Repair and Fabrication Services for the Subsea and drilling Industries


Welding Service  >>>

Aquamarine has an extensive portfolio of DnV approved WPQR`s covering a wide range
of the most common steel grade used in the Oil and Gas Industry
Typical Aquamarine perform overlay welding of Internal seal areas in BOP`s body, Ring grooves, Valve blocks, Well head connectors etc.


NDT Services >>>

Aquamarine`s inspection facilities are equipped with modern NDT equipment's, approved practices, procedures, qualified and certified NDT Level II technicians and in-house NDT Level III certified professionals.


Maintenance & Repair  >>>

Aquamarine Jørpeland has for more than 30 years performed maintenance and repair on critical equipment related to the Oil & Gas industries.
We perform general maintenance and complete major survey during operations or yard stay with documentation according to relevant API and DNV GL specification.


Metallurgy  >>>

With tailor-made heat treatment and test program, Aquamarine customize the material property's to fulfill typical API or customer specification. In-house heat treatment and testing reduce the delivery time for critical material supply's .
Within heat treatment, we can provide normalizing, quenching, tempering PWHT.


Engineering  >>>

Aquamarine provides clients with innovative, expertly engineered products and services with an emphasis on high quality, value and on-time deliveries.

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Riser Repair & Fabrication  >>>

Complete service centre for the manufacturing, modification, maintenance, re-certification and repair of riser and riser related equipment. Read more about our solutions for Work Over Risers, Marine Risers and Production Risers.