Inspection, Repair and Fabrication Services for the Subsea and drilling Industries


Welding Service  >>>

Aquamarine has an extensive portfolio of DnV approved WPQR`s covering a wide range
of the most common steel grade used in the Oil and Gas Industry
Typical Aquamarine perform overlay welding of Internal seal areas in BOP`s body, Ring grooves, Valve blocks, Well head connectors etc.


Coiled Tubing Lift Frame  >>>

Aquamarine Subsea has long and diversified experience in designing and constructing both static and motion compensated handling equipment. Our design engineers has been involved in designing and working with clients in resolving (both static and compensated) handling of drilling equipment for over 30 years


NDT Services >>>

Aquamarine`s inspection facilities are equipped with modern NDT equipment's, approved practices, procedures, qualified and certified NDT Level II technicians and in-house NDT Level III certified professionals.


Maintenance & Repair  >>>

Aquamarine Jørpeland has for more than 30 years performed maintenance and repair on critical equipment related to the Oil & Gas industries.
We perform general maintenance and complete major survey during operations or yard stay with documentation according to relevant API and DNV GL specification.


Metallurgy  >>>

With tailor-made heat treatment and test program, Aquamarine customize the material property's to fulfill typical API or customer specification. In-house heat treatment and testing reduce the delivery time for critical material supply's .
Within heat treatment, we can provide normalizing, quenching, tempering PWHT.


Engineering  >>>

Aquamarine provides clients with innovative, expertly engineered products and services with an emphasis on high quality, value and on-time deliveries.


BOP Stacking Service  >>>

We offer our clients the ability to design or redesign their rig-specific BOP stacks to accept different types of OEM BOP's and specific stack configurations. We provide engineered solutions to resolve interfaces between the stack and rig operations and BOP handling.

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Riser Repair & Fabrication  >>>

Complete service centre for the manufacturing, modification, maintenance, re-certification and repair of riser and riser related equipment. Read more about our solutions for Work Over Risers, Marine Risers and Production Risers.