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Applied Technologies for re-use of equipment

Platform installations in the North Sea have utilized various drilling and production programs throughout the life of the field resulting in inventories of well control equipment from different OEM’s that can be repurposed to meet the requirements for an upcoming drilling and production program. When new wells are going to be drilled Operators can now leverage their assets, reduce cost and lead time by employing Aquamarine’s Customized Well Control Solutions to manufacture specialized cross over systems utilizing equipment from different suppliers.

Aquamarine Subsea has developed a cost and time saving concept, Customized Well Control Solutions, meeting the above described demands. The service is based on a close cooperation between the Operator and Aquamarine Subsea. Most Operators have spare and used equipment stored in their warehouses. By utilizing this equipment, or parts of it, Aquamarine Subsea is able to re-configure the well control equipment so it meets the drilling program requirements.

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By utilising components from existing and stored equipment, from different original equipment manufacturers, Aquamarine Subsea is able to cut cost and increase utilization of existing equipment

Using their equipment’s (or part of the equipment) original documents, Aquamarine Subsea are able to carry out the necessary design analysis and issue new documentation including design verification reports, product certificate, certification of conformity, to comply with standards and regulations such as API 6A, 16A, DNVGL-OS-E101 and others.

Aquamarine Subsea is then the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Aquamarine Subsea has executed successfullydeliveries/projects, to both Statoil andConocoPhillips, based on this concept.

Existing Projects and Experience:

  • Drilling spool and H4 Mandrel spool delivered to Statoil for Snorre field
  • Riser Joint, x-over spool and drilling spools delivered to ConocoPhillips to Ekofisk field 


Typical Equipment:

  • Riser joints & Drilling Spools
  • Mandrels
  • Casing spools
  • Tubing Heads
  • API X-over spools
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