An adherence to exceptional HSQE standards is a central pillar of the Aquamarine organisation.

In accordance with our HSQE Policy, we will:

  • Actively work to prevent accidents, damage and loss in the workplace
  • Increase motivation and the competence of our employees to create value for our customers and Aquamarine itself, through continuous training and development
  • Provide products and services of high quality within agreed timeframes, meeting our customers’ requirements and satisfying their expectations
  • Actively manage our quality, environment and safety work to achieve continuous improvement in all these areas
  • Improve environmental performance, thereby minimising environmental impacts and preventing pollution

Aquamarine will focus on an adherence to a structured and targeted management system that ensures that the organisation can adapt to the demands and expectations of our customers and suppliers. We will create and maintain a good working environment both within the firm and with regards to the wider industry.

Aquamarine has established quality and environmental objectives within its processes and measure performance to ensure that these goals are met.

The Company is certified under ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 3834-2 (welding certification),  Accredited INS-EN ISO/IEC 17020 (NDT Services). 

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