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Aquamarine has established its welding reputation on the foundation of 30 years of experience, achievement and customer satisfaction.

The Aquamarine welding management team, consisting of experienced International Welding Engineers (IWE) and International Welding Specialists (IWS).Together they lead a highly-skilled workforce, operating within a well-equipped, welding workshop capable of handling item weight up 30 tons.

Aquamarine offers HOT Wire TIG Welding based on the Twin Rotary Head system. This advanced solution simplifies the welding process, reduces welding time, and deliver high quality of weld overlay

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Welding procedures, technology and customer focus: The key to unlocking quality

Aquamarine has an extensive portfolio of DnV and customer approved WPQR`s covering a wide range of the most common steel grade used in the oil and gas business.
We are NS ISO 3834-2 certified (Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials)

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Welding Methods:

  • HOT Wire TIG - Twin Rotary Head
  • FCAW – Flux Core Arc Welding
  • Manual GTAW (TIG) - Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
  • SMAW - Shielded Metal Arc Welding
  • SAW - Submerged Arc Welding

Typical Aquamarine perform overlay welding of:

  • - Internal seal areas in BOP`s body
  • - Ring grooves
  • - Valve blocks
  • - Well head connectors etc.

In addition, Aquamarine offer Welding Management to their customers.